The Leading Delivery Management Platform for Local and Global eCommerce



MetaPack offers highly configurable software that connects shippers with all parcel carriers, alternative drop-off, collection and return solutions, in order to provide buyers and sellers with the best delivery experience. The MetaPack Delivery Platform is a managed SaaS service that also provides sellers with incomparable Retail Intelligence Data and Anti-Fraud Capabilities.


Our Mission is to make eCommerce delivery more cost effective, convenient and enjoyable, wherever an order is made, wherever stock is held and wherever the delivery is required. The MetaPack Platform provides the appropriate range of delivery options, identifies the most suitable carrier service for each deliver and provides visibility and control: these strengthen customer service, consumer loyalty and longer term carrier relationships.  Supply chain processes are made more efficient, multi-channel and cross border solutions are more tenable. The MetaPack platform supports a more efficient market and furthers the growth of eCommerce.


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