Cross Media Publishing Solutions.



At 2imagine we take pride in guiding the process to the perfect complete solution.

Since its inception in 1997, 2imagine concentrates on developing and offering specialized tools enabling digital pre-press workflow automation. A large experience in the field of graphics combined with a discerning eye for the future of publishing assures the perfect solution.


Today we deploy web2print suites offering a wide range of possibilities for both SMEs and players in the graphics industry. As of 2002, 2imagine became official Adobe Partner, a guarantee not only of the high quality standards upheld, but also a guarantee customers will have access to the most user-friendly solutions.


Saving time and money is the goal of all process automation. And that goes for our web2print solution (also called web-to-print) as well. But we only attack the pure ‘production’ bits of the design process, leaving more time for the actual creative part. That is where your business will benefit.


 We have plenty experience in the (vertical) markets of newspaper & magazine publishing, retail, automobile, packaging, translation management, travel, pharmaceutical, advertising & marcom, printers, advertising management, direct mail, real estate, industry, etc.


Our expertise:

  • Process / Workflow Information Management Consulting
  • Adobe InDesign Server (Plug-in, Scripting, XML)
  • Adobe InDesign and InCopy development (Plug-in, Scripting, XML)
  • Adobe Illustrator development
  • Flex- & Air ontwikkeling
  • Programming & development  (.NET – Java & Microsoft SQL, webservices)
  • Project management (Agile)
  • Testing
  • Catalog Publishing consulting & training (EasyCatalog)
  • Graphic productions (Adobe InDesign template development)
  • iPad / tablet publishing
  • DAM solutions & implementation




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