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Chatty Solutions

Chatty Solutions develops and markets Chatty Apps, an innovative solution for the rapid development of powerful, cross-platform mobile user-interfaces for SaaS and Web applications, enabling them to run like native apps on smartphones. We enable millions of mobile smartphone users to easily work with your SaaS and Web applications .


Using a patented technology combining business rules, flow charts, a formula engine, extensible data model and the chat/instant messaging paradigm, Chatty App’s support multiple smartphones with a single app, allow switching between smartphone and laptop/desktop even in the middle of an app, protect against data loss if connection is lost, and easy integration via Web Services/SOA.


Chatty Apps is itself offered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for a monthly fee without any long-term contracts or commitments. This includes not only the development of Chatty Apps but also their testing, administration and execution. For large customers, Chatty Solutions also offers the on-premise deployment of Chatty Apps.


Chatty Apps is the ideal solution for developing mobile applications:


  • Enables developers and power users to create mobile applications without programming
  • Provides all the “plumbing” necessary to build rich applications
  • Cater to the how mobile users work. 
  • Cross-platform: Support all major platforms including Apple, Google, Microsoft and RIM Blackberry


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