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4.ST - HelpServer

How can you make sure that you consistently deliver up-to-date documentation to your target audience? How do you enable your authoring team to stay in control of all your documentation assets & entire documentation process?


HelpServer’s web- and server-based approach allows your authors to work together from anywhere. Your authors contribute content to a single data source (=database on a web server) and your entire authoring team is able to reuse these content components in several assets without losing track of what is used where. This approach prevents redundancy, ensuring content accuracy for all your deliverables.


With HelpServer your documentation process becomes easier to manage and your authoring team gets everything they need to manage & deliver up-to-date multi-lingual documentation from a single source to your target audience:

  •  Collaborate in true real-time and store content in a database on a web server.
  •  Publish content to make it available in real time via a front-end documentation website or as context-sensitive help.
  •  Export content to a variety of popular file formats: PDF, CHM, HTML, XML and DITA.
  •  Professional looking documentation that consistently adheres to your corporate branding guidelines.

Why HelpServer
HelpServer is web-and server-based and enables authors to collaborate in real time and publish new content and changes to existing content to a front-end web portal. Your authors will love how easy it is to create, manage, translate, reuse, and publish content. Your customers will love HelpServer because they have real time access to up-to-date content.



  • Real time authoring and content delivery all via the web
  •  Deliver personalized (dynamic) content
  •  Single source content from the database to file.
  •  HelpServer runs on any computer that supports Java: Windows, Mac.
  •  HelpServer can be installed on your premises or is available as SaaS via a cloud-subscription model.


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