• Agilewords


    E-mail Marketing Software

  • Apollo


    Apollo is a full project management and contact tracking application

  • AppliDis Fusion 4

    AppliDis Fusion 4

    Systancia's AppliDis Fusion 4 brings a new approach to the market, offering a quick and easy way to publish and virtualise applications and desktops using a simple web based console.

  • Babelway


    Babelway is a B2B integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) which allows you to automate the transfer of documents between 2 endpoints.

  • BackBlaze


    Backblaze de-duplicates, compresses, and backs up incrementally to backup online as efficiently as possible.

  • Backup Genie

    Backup Genie

    With BackupGenie, your files are automatically and silently backed up in the background without interfering with your work.

  • Bacula


    The Open Source Network Backup Solution

  • Banckle Email Server

    Banckle Email Server

    Banckle's email collaboration app is based on a flexible and reliable architecture that delivers high performance and maximum industry compliance while efficiently scaling to grow with the needs of your business.

  • Banckle Online Meeting

    Banckle Online Meeting

    Be it the live web meetings, scheduled meetings, eLearning sessions and webinars, Banckle's feature-rich nature effectively covers all of your collaborative requirements.

  • Barracuda Backup Services

    Barracuda Backup Services

    The Barracuda Backup removes tedious complexity from backing up data.

  • Carbonite


    Carbonite online backup for home and business.

  • Cloud Hero

    Cloud Hero

    Skilled enterprise app developers with experience creating mission-critical business applications on all platforms.