• Apollo


    Apollo is a full project management and contact tracking application

  • BackBlaze


    Backblaze de-duplicates, compresses, and backs up incrementally to backup online as efficiently as possible.

  • Backup Genie

    Backup Genie

    With BackupGenie, your files are automatically and silently backed up in the background without interfering with your work.

  • Bacula


    The Open Source Network Backup Solution

  • Banckle Email Server

    Banckle Email Server

    Banckle's email collaboration app is based on a flexible and reliable architecture that delivers high performance and maximum industry compliance while efficiently scaling to grow with the needs of your business.

  • Banckle Online Meeting

    Banckle Online Meeting

    Be it the live web meetings, scheduled meetings, eLearning sessions and webinars, Banckle's feature-rich nature effectively covers all of your collaborative requirements.

  • Barracuda Backup Services

    Barracuda Backup Services

    The Barracuda Backup removes tedious complexity from backing up data.

  • Carbonite


    Carbonite online backup for home and business.

  • Cloud Hero

    Cloud Hero

    Skilled enterprise app developers with experience creating mission-critical business applications on all platforms.

  • Cloudserve hosted Desktop

    Cloudserve hosted Desktop

    Hosted desktops are a secure, flexible, and maintenance free alternative to the traditional on-premise physcial PC & Server model.

  • CloudSigma Cloud

    CloudSigma Cloud

    CloudSigma marries the latest generation virtualisation technology at the backend with intuitive front-end management and access tools.

  • Cloudyn


    It’s time to optimize your AWS deployment and gain clarity into your true cloud consumption. Cloudyn’s suite of power tools for EC2, RDS, S3 (and more) will help you do just that.