• Zoho Campaigns

    Zoho Campaigns

    Zoho Campaigns helps you automate your entire marketing process - from managing subscriber lists to sending out email campaigns and also tracking their performances. You can focus on what matters - your customers - and how to reach and engage them.

  • zferral .:i

    zferral .:i

    zferral's custom affiliate and referral marketing software enables you to create, track & manage custom affiliate and referral programs.

  • Zedo


    ZEDO, Inc. is a digital ad solutions company that offers products and services for a publisher’s premium, self service, and remnant inventory.

  • Yotpo social reviews

    Yotpo social reviews

    Yotpo is a plug and play social reviews solution for e-commerce websites. Yotpo is focused on providing the best social review experience for every website in the world.

  • YOC


    The YOC Group is Europe's leading full service provider for the use of the mobile phone as an advertising, information and transaction medium.

  • Workbooks CRM

    Workbooks CRM

    Workbooks offers a suite of Business Applications specifically designed for small and mid-size organisations and are delivered via Software-as-a-Service.

  • WordWatch Automated AdWords Manager

    WordWatch Automated AdWords Manager

    Automated bid management for Google AdWords & Google Shopping

  • Wordpress


    WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It is a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

  • WinningWare QuickLaunch(tm)

    WinningWare QuickLaunch(tm)

    WinningWare QuickLaunch(tm) empowers small and medium businesses that are launching a new product, website, service or event (or re-launching an existing one) to launch faster, more profitably and more predictably

  • Wilke Global CRS On-Demand

    Wilke Global CRS On-Demand

    We believe efficiently managing contacts—whether they are calls, emails, letters and now SMS/text messages—is only the first part. We also focus equally on accurate contact resolution, optimal allocation of resources and visibility throughout the contact process.

  • WildFire


    Wildfire's Social Marketing Suite combines best-of-breed social promotion and advertising software, robust mobile and desktop page management, messaging and sophisticated real-time analytics in one complete platform.

  • Wibiya Social Bar

    Wibiya Social Bar

    Wibiya provides a FREE, powerful solution that enables blogs and websites to quickly and easily integrate the most popular and exciting web applications –games, Facebook and Twitter buttons, live chat, video & image galleries– directly into their site.