• Zedo


    ZEDO, Inc. is a digital ad solutions company that offers products and services for a publisher’s premium, self service, and remnant inventory.

  • YOC


    The YOC Group is Europe's leading full service provider for the use of the mobile phone as an advertising, information and transaction medium.

  • Weborama


    Weborama is one of the pioneers of online marketing technologies in Europe.

  • Vidyard


    Vidyard is a video hosting, sharing and analytics platform that changes the way you do business online.

  • Upsnap


    UpSNAP is a division of VoodooVox, a leading provider of mobile / local search and advertising solutions. UpSNAP provides voice and text based advertising and content services that work on all mobile phones.

  • UberTags


    UberTags built a container tag solution that makes it dead-easy to manage website tagging. Site managers simply paste their UberTag across their site(s) and then deploy all other tagging right from a browser.

  • Sponsormob


    With experience, expertise and through advanced proprietary technology, Sponsormob has managed to simplify the Mobile Advertising Marketplace for the Advertiser.

  • Smart AdServer

    Smart AdServer

    Smart AdServer provides Publishers, Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers with innovative and efficient web (IAB, video and rich-media formats) & mobile ad serving solutions.

  • Signagelive Digital Signage Platform

    Signagelive Digital Signage Platform

    At Signagelive, we embrace emerging and evolving technology to provide our customers with a digital signage software platform that reliably and efficiently runs even the largest retail networks.

  • Quick.tv


    Quicktvpro allows users to create professional interactive video quickly and effortlessly within minutes, using an innovative web-based video management system.

  • Project Sunblock

    Project Sunblock

    Combining content analysis, image recognition and an extensive database of website relationships, Project Sunblock monitors and protects your brand online, and safeguards against harmful associations with your brand and online content.

  • Popupbooster


    Popup booster is a sophisticated fully customizable popup that is easy to use, change and implement .