• Wolf


    WOLF is a Cloud Computing platform architected to help you design, deliver and use Software as a Service (SaaS) applications using only a web browser.

  • WhiteSource


    WhiteSource makes it easy for commercial software developers to keep track of OSS components, their licenses, risks, and requirements, and do so in an affordable fashion and without burdening developers.

  • Webroot


    Whether you're looking for the fastest antivirus or complete PC, Mac and mobile protection, Webroot® has you covered.

  • WatchDox


    WatchDox enables enterprises to securely sync, share and work with their files wherever they need to go – even on devices beyond IT control. WatchDox uniquely combines the collaboration and mobile productivity tools users want with the data visibility, control and tracking that enterprises need to stay secure and compliant.

  • VXTracker


    VXTracker captures Call Detail Records (CDR)/Station Message Detail Records (SMDR) from each of your phone systems and constantly monitors thresholds to make sure you know before problems occur. It also stores data – as long as you´d like.

  • VUPEN Vulnerability Notification Service

    VUPEN Vulnerability Notification Service

    Improve your security, prioritize resources, cut time and costs, and stay ahead of the latest threats through VUPEN's Vulnerability Notification Services and Solutions.

  • vSecurity


    With vSecurity's technology and processes, virtualization has the power to make data centers even more secure and compliant than their physical counterparts.

  • Tresys File Sanitization (XD Air)

    Tresys File Sanitization (XD Air)

    XD Air [USG program name FiST] provides unique mobile media protection by ONLY allowing trusted content to be shared. Using a kiosk based solution, XD Air inspects, filters and cleans data on your device.

  • Traffic Engine

    Traffic Engine

    Traffic Engine provides powerful tools to create steady income streams and to shift your traffic's earning potential into overdrive. Display highly-targeted ad listings on your website in a format that maintains your site's look and feel.

  • Tibco LogLogic

    Tibco LogLogic

    TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence technologies help you collect, index, and analyze logs, log files, and IT data from physical and virtual devices, on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Symantec Encryption Solutions

    Symantec Encryption Solutions

    Symantec’s encryption solutions enable organizations to deliver data protection with centralized policy management through the optional use of Encryption Management Server. Our solutions provide standards-based technology, centralized policy management, compliance-based reporting, and universal management for your encryption products.

  • STS Suite

    STS Suite

    STS Suite ensures integrity, security, long-term preservation and traceability of exchanged and archived electronic documents.