Abaca Virtual Email Protection Gateway


The World's Most Accurate Spam Filter


Abaca Virtual Email Protection Gateway

Organizations are seeking to not only reduce the burden that spam places on networks and email users but also the burden it puts on IT, which must continually tune conventional spam filters. At the same time, administrators need to counter the growing threat of targeted malicious email and phishing attacks. The Abaca® Virtual Email Protection Gateway™ (VPG) is a hardened virtual appliance that addresses these needs while providing the added benefits of virtualization. It delivers the most accurate email filtering available with set-and-forget ease that includes intelligent self-tuning.


Patented Abaca technology works where older systems fail—the critical last 1% of spam, which often contains targeted threats and other dangerous email from sophisticated and well-financed attackers.


Abaca is the leader in next-generation email protection. The product of years of research, the Abaca VPG offers a major advance in anti-spam and anti-malware. It keeps you one step ahead of attackers by sidestepping older approaches such as volume-based reputation filters and signature-based content filters.


The revolutionary Abaca approach precisely identifies spam with a patented algorithm that creates a mathematical probability model for each mail. Using a number of criteria—most important, the reputation of receivers in the cloud-based Abaca ReceiverNet™ who receive the same mail—the model predicts with 99.9% accuracy which messages are spam.


Abaca Advantages:


  • Blocks 99.9% of spam—guaranteed. Conventional solutions allow up to 5% of dangerous or unwanted mail to enter your network
  • Prevents the loss of valuable messages. Unlike conventional solutions, the Abaca service highlights potentially useful mail and notifies users
  • Eliminates the need for constant, time-consuming maintenance. The patented Abaca algorithm overcomes the overhead common to other spam filters by learning in real-time to deliver protection automatically
  • Becomes more accurate with each message it processes, whereas competitive spam filters degrade over time
  • Learns which emails individuals want to receive, overcoming the limitation of conventional systems that apply one set of rules to all users


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