Acobat Live Chat Robot


Customer Support Robot, Chat, Mail & Twitter Automation


Acobat Live Chat Robot

With Acobot, you can create your very own customer support robot, teach her about your business, and integrate her with your website, email and CRM without I.T. With your robot, you can be always quicker than competitors in responding to customer questions and requests, even when you go to the beach.


Time is the key in turning website visitors into your design clients. Once visitors leave your website, they are probably done with you (even if they bookmarked you). They will instead go to the websites of other design companies, and somebody (not you) is getting the contact. You will have no chance to answer their questions or give them a quote. All you can do is pray they come back (they won’t).


The whole key to successful conversions is to get the visitor to take action NOW.


With Acobot, you can not only give answers instantly to visitors, but also proactively (yet gently) solicit feedback from them. Once the conversation starts, the visitors will stay on your website. The longer they stay on your website, the more of a chance you will at least get a contact (and less of a chance they will go to other websites.)


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