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Actian Ingres Database

Actian has pulled out all stops with the release of Ingres Database 10 making it even easier to migrate away from Big Software. The recent mergers and acquisition activity in the database market has left customers very concerned about the future of their software purchase and has left them desiring more stable and reliable alternatives. Actian reached out and listened, and as a result, we’ve come out with a new version of our database software to meet the demands for a suitable alternative, from a reliable company. Ingres Database 10.0 not only meets the needs of those looking to migrate from cost prohibitive database solutions, it meets the needs of those who are seeking a standards based alternative. Ease of migration + performance + economic benefits of open source = Ingres Database 10. There has never been a better time to make the move!

New Features

Ingres Database 10 provides easy migration from MySQL and proprietary databases such as Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase.

  • Multi-Version Concurrency Control provides concurrent access to the database or a “snapshot” version for each user to work with, so that queries never block other users, and updates block only when changing the same row.
  • New SQL types, functions and compatibility features ease migrations of existing applications from other databases to Actian 10.
  • A community-based Migration Toolkit hosted on Sourceforge can assist customers in migrating to Ingres from Oracle’s Enterprise and MySQL databases.


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