Ad Serving Saas



Smart AdServer SAS develops and markets one of the main ad serving technologies for the management of online campaigns for media agencies and publishers. Created in 2001, the company Smart AdServer, has 300 customers for 1600 sites spanning four continents, among them: Zed digital, Starcom, Mindshare, Mediacom, Mediaedge:cia, Universal McCann, Toms?€™s Hardware (Bestof media US), Reed Business, Axel Springer Hungary & Poland, Radio Canada, MSD Global, Wolters Kluwer, La Vanguardia, Canal+, Curse Gaming.

Smart AdServer has used its 10 years experience in the ad serving industry to launch its mobile ad serving solution, praised for its integrated web and mobile interface and its user first approach : mobile campaigns can be set in 3 clicks.


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