The global leader in on-demand digital ad management technology and media services.



An independent company since 2008, AdJuggler is a global leader in on-demand digital ad management technology and media services. AdJuggler enables publishers and networks to source and manage all media through one, integrated platform that maximizes yield, based on the value and preferences of each unique user. The company’s highly scalable SaaS platform serves as the backbone for more than 200 global customers, representing more than 5,000 domains, 135 million unique visitors, and billions of monthly impressions. Today, we offer:


  • The AdJuggler® platform, an enterprise-grade platform that integrates the management of direct and indirect campaign sources, as well as display, rich media, video, and mobile application user inventory.
  • The Exchange Media Program (EMP), a marketplace that provides our publishers and networks turnkey access to both real-time bidding (RTB) and direct media buyers with yield management, brand safety, and integrated reporting.
  • Support services & developer tools comprising an extensible API, mobile SDKs, managed ad operations services, and 24/7 telephone-based support.


Our customers represent every IAB content category with users in every major audience segment and global geography. AdJuggler, Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in Alexandria, VA.


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