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Adpremo Mobile

Next generation cross channel advertising management platform specializing in performance marketing and local advertising. 2001 saw the start of performance marketing, establishing itself during the post-internet bubble as the medium best suited to achieve optimal ROI for advertisers.2009 will also see the emergence of new models to reinforce advertisers’ ROI objectives. Adpremo™ is preparing you for the world of tomorrow by giving you improve access to 50% of today’s online advertising market place.


Media Publishers
Take advantage of Adpremo™ to leverage the power of your brand to construct an effective advertising offer across all your channels.
Online Directories
Exploit Adpremo™ to monetize your categories and your keywords with highly targeted, local advertising.
Mobile Operators
Deploy Adpremo™ adserving platform on your network to construct a mobile advertising offer and increase your average revenue per user .
Ecommerce Sites Apply Adpremo™ search and performance adserving technologies to develop sponsored product programs and create new advertising revenue stream for your marketplace.


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