All your online interaction tools in a single platform.



Agendize is a one-stop shop for easy-to-install, simple-to-use, customer service software and engagement tools, helping small to large sized organizations convert site traffic into business and allowing consumers to interact with businesses around the clock. Tools like Click to Call, Online Scheduling and Live Chat help you improve communications with those that matter most… your customers!


We’re a dynamic team with an open vision. We believe in our tools. We value our customers and think you should too. There’s nothing more important than talking to your customers. Finding out what they need and want. And that’s exactly what we’re here to help with, working with small to mid sized businesses of all shapes and sizes to improve their online communications.


At Agendize, we live and breathe customer service. Our tools are in constant development to make them better and more in tune with what you’re looking for. When you work online, you always have to be ready to change and evolve. We take the feedback we get very seriously. And if we can take things beyond your expectations, even better. That’s our definition of a job well done.


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