Agresso Business World


ERP System for fast-changing organisations


Agresso Business World

Agresso Business World is a fully integrated role-focused ERP system, ideal for service or people based organisations that need financial accounting and other back office software integrated with a broader range of core business functions in a single unified system. It lets you replace traditional ERPs or multiple different systems with a complete, integrated ERP solution that will support you in the future – however your organisation or business changes.

Imagine having business systems that you could change each time you re-structure, acquire another operation or have to comply with new regulations – without needing to call in the vendor or external IT consultants.Traditional ERP solutions need ongoing costly and time-intensive re-coding in order to support business changes after they are implemented. Agresso Business World from UNIT4 is different. It has been designed from the ground up to help users easily adapt the system, in line with ongoing business or operational change. So you get a more agile “total” solution designed specifically for ‘Businesses Living In Change’.




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