AGS Testing Services


The Testing Center of Excellence.


AGS Testing Services

Alliance Global Services, AKA AGS, architects, builds and tests software applications, platforms and products that become a primary driver of innovation and revenue growth for our clients’ businesses. Our independent testing organization was born from an agile product development firm. We believe in utilizing technology to improve quality quantitatively.


Testing Center of Excellence


Leveraging our proprietary TitaniumTM Managed Testing Services, our Testing Center of Excellence provides opportunities for enterprises to reduce cost, improve time to market and provide complete visibility to the business. A Testing Center of Excellence standardizes processes and improves the quality of core systems while eliminating redundancy and inconsistency. Implementing our best practices and best of breed tools across the organization will result in fully leveraging expertise and thought leadership amongst testing teams. Alliance has implemented Testing Centers of Excellence for its clients across many industry verticals including highly regulated pharma and healthcare, insurance, and supply chain solutions.


TitaniumTM Managed Testing Services

  • Multi-dimensional testing solution includes tools, templates, industry processes and highly skilled resources
  • Significant reduction in testing cycle time and effort for deployment
  • Smart Automation with End-to-End testing to improve quality and efficiency
  • Drive towards quality outcomes – not just testing results


TitaniumTM Automation Testing Services


Proven automation program consisting of framework, methodology and accelerators leveraging an onshore and offshore hybrid model


Test Process Consulting


Our Test Process Consulting services allow you to measure the effectiveness of your QA organization, implement improvements with proven ROI and add business value from your testing investment and budget. Through our JumpStart Test Assessment approach, we focus on specific areas including Test Process and Measurement Framework, Test Automation, Test Data Management and Performance Testing. From this assessment, we provide a findings and recommendations reports that summarizes the strengths, identifies the opportunities for improvement, action plan and expected benefits.


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