AlertFox Real Browser Website Monitoring


Website Monitoring Tool and Server Uptime Monitor, in the Cloud.


AlertFox Real Browser Website Monitoring

AlertFox End-User Monitor (EUM) manages website and web application availability and performance enabling organizations to synthetically monitor multi-step web transactions from an end-user perspective.


AlertFox’s unique monitoring capability tests all of your business critical and customer-facing web applications from inside or outside your firewall utilizing its true browser replay technology. Proactive web performance monitoring is the single best way to ensure top notch performance and security of your web applications and websites.


Dual monitoring capability


Monitoring end-user experience from custom monitoring locations on your network (ideal for Enterprise customers) around the world and from global monitoring points of presence in the Cloud is a must. Use AlertFox on an ongoing basis to monitor web performance for your unique needs.


Monitoring true browser experience


Poorly performing websites and web applications can lead to lost revenue, a damaging brand image, and lower employee productivity. AlertFox is your trusty sidekick for proactively monitoring ANY combination of web transactions – with true browser replays using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome!


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