AlertLogic Web Application Firewall (WAF)




AlertLogic Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Enterprises with valuable or sensitive data connected to their web sites (such as customer, partner, or employee data, or any proprietary business information) are at risk from web application attacks that can lead to data breach and system compromise. Alert Logic’s analysis of threats found among its customers indicated that 7 out of 10 environments experienced an average of 40 web application attacks over a twelve month period.


WAFs are designed to address this issue. Unlike network security products such as IDS/IPS, WAFs can both understand web application traffic and intercept attacks. The alternative of identifying and patching all web application vulnerabilities, while compelling, is typically impractical given organization’s limited development resources and the extended timeframes required to develop and test security patches.


While WAF is therefore ideally positioned to help organizations secure their web applications, in practice, WAFs have frequently failed to deliver against the security promise that drove the investment. Without the required expert tuning, WAFs will block legitimate traffic and impact the availability of web applications, or get tuned to a level that delivers virtually no security against real-world threats. As a result, WAF buyers often fail to realize the benefits of this technology despite significant investments of money and time.


Alert Logic Web Security Manager protects web applications from dangerous web app attacks with a combination of award-winning web application firewall technology and ActiveWatch management, monitoring and tuning services.


With proven technology and a no-downtime, non-invasive deployment model, Web Security Manager delivers the potential of web application firewall technology.


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