SaaS marketing software for faster, easier budgeting, planning and Marketing ROI analysis.



As marketers, we’’ve been in the hot seat where we’re asked to demonstrate ROI. Even in Fortune 500 companies, it’s either wrestling with spreadsheets or coming up with creative ways to answer a fairly straightforward financial question. We set out to make it possible, and even easy, to demonstrate marketing ROI.


Allocadia provides a SaaS solution to help marketing professionals manage marketing investments and gain insight into marketing ROI. We take financial data from your ERP systems, compare it against the revenue data in your CRM systems, and serve it up in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.We understand marketers aren’t technical, so we’ve also made it incredibly easy to use. You only need one hour of training before you can start using the software.Now marketers can re-allocate their marketing budgets to focus only on revenue-generating marketing programs. You can see immediate financial benefits from using Allocadia.


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