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Professional Web Load and Stress Testing Tool


Apica ProxySniffer

ProxySniffer ™ is a professional, proven and full-featured Web Load and Stress Testing Tool.

Our Web load and stress testing tool is used by many leading companies with great success to optimize their Web applications. We have excellent references in this specialized area of performance testing.

ProxySniffer ™ is especially suited for testing and optimizing the performance of:

  • Web Shops
  • Web Portals
  • Online Banking Applications
  • HTTP/S Video Servers
  • C2B und B2B Servers (XML/SOAP Services)
  • WebDAV Servers
  • Server for Mobile Applications


ProxySniffer ™ contains a unique powerful GUI which does not require you to learn any scripting language. And as well, no implementation of complicated regular expressions is required, even if you need to extract session parameters from HTML, JSON and XML data. All of the rich product features are directly accessible with few mouse clicks from the high-performance, user-friendly graphical user interface.

This saves you time and money, and significantly simplifies the workflow for preparing load tests.


During the load test execution ProxySniffer collects more measurement details than many other load testing tools and displays all collected data in form of meaningful charts and tables – in real time during the load test execution – and as customizable PDF report after performing a load test.

Based on the in-depth measurement results of ProxySniffer, you can clearly identify performance bottlenecks and figure out if they are caused by the network layer or by a misconfiguration of the Web server, or are caused by an incorrect programming of the Web application.

After tuning your Web application with ProxySniffer, up to 50 times more Web users can be processed using the same hardware – meaning no need to purchase more expensive servers.


The load can be generated either from your internal machines located inside your company, or can be alternatively generated from cloud-based load generators that are instantly available at your disposition in all Amazon data centers.


More than 1,000,000 (one million) simultaneous users that execute real Web sessions can be simulated by ProxySniffer -inclusive login to protected Web pages and full support for user specific session data, marking it an ideal and powerful tool for analyzing and testing the performance and stability of large-scale Web applications.


3 Top Reasons to use ProxySniffer as your preferred Web Load Testing Tool:


  • Powerful Functionality and More Efficiency. ProxySniffer contains many unique high-level features which allow you to perform realistic and accurate Web load tests in a professional way. You will be surprised how easy and fast even sophisticated load test procedures can be created and executed. For further information, see Special Product Featuresfurther down on this web page and take a look at the Screenshots.
  • Use pre-installed load generators in the Amazon cloud on demand. Up to 20 high-duty load generators in the Amazon data centers (or more than 200 on request) are instantly available at your disposal. Your load test is automatically distributed among all load generators, and the measurement results from all load-generating systems are automatically combined into one test result in order to provide a consolidated summary.
  • Reasonable Price for a Professional Tool. We are sure to give you one of the best price/performance ratio ever seen for a high-quality Web load testing tool.


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