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Web site translation and localization software


ArtistScope Translate

Increase online sales by making your web site readable and easier to navigate for people in other countries. ArtistScope Translate enables web site proprietors to provide language translation to 27 different languages for common functions such as navigation menus, contact forms, membership registration, online shopping carts and more.


Languages included in the module

The standard module includes more than 900 words and phrases to cover almost all instances of use, with some phrases up to 100 characters long.If you require different words/phrases to better suit your application you can order a custom module.


Language font support

Normally when you visit a foreign web site using a computer that does not have the appropriate fonts installed, the letters can appear as gobbly gook which is unsightly and impossible to read even if you do speak the language. However with ArtistScope Translate that does not happen. It doesn’t matter what languages are installed on the user’s computer. The web pages will always appear as a word of art.


Professional language translation

Many languages use different words depending on meaning and tense, and machine translations such as those provided by online page translation services can deliver messages that are difficult to understand and misleading. However ArtistScope translations are provided by native speaking persons from the relative countries who are well versed in all things including Internet and computer terminology.


Custom language modules

Developers wanting different words and phrases to suit individual applications such as corporate web sites, online surveys, content management systems and eCommerce solutions can order a custom solution to include their own list of words and phrases. The maximum length of each phrase is limited to 100 characters. Words and phrases can include html comments such as font boldness, page breaks, returns etc. All contributing translators are well versed in English as a second language.


ArtistScope Translate installation

ArtistScope Translate is an out of the box installation for web sites hosted on all web sites hosted on Windows servers, such as those using FrontPage extensions with ASP support. The ArtistScope Translate DLL can also be utilized with Cold Fusion, .NET and PHP with very little modification to the web page code calling the words/phrases.


Demo and licensed differences

The differences between the demo version and the licensed version is that the demo is fully functional except that it will display a message at the top of each page reminding you to register, and that in the licensed version you will find a complete itemization of all the calling tags that you can use.


ArtistScope Translate installers

In your download you will find two installers. One is for installing and registering the support DLL on the sever, and the other is the package to unpack on the computer that you will use for editing web pages, etc… including user guides plus the settings file and example pages to upload to your web site.


Registering a web site for the translation module

If you have a license key for the site it needs to be added to the settings file. If the site answers to several aliases or domain names, you can list multiple license codes. ArtistScope Translate can be used in any level within a web site and from any folder providing there is a copy of the settings file in the same folder.


Editing the translated  web site

Converting your web pages to translate on the fly can be done using any html editor including FrontPage. The best explanation of seeing how to do this is by uploading one of the example web pages and looking at the html code. It is quite simple. First start by calling the DLL by adding an ASP statement at the top of the page (as seen in the examples) and then replace your text with the appropriate calling tag.


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