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The only safe way of providing trust in an electronic world is to use digital signature techniques. Ascertia provides solutions that support the business process and protect documents, data and transactions within ERP, ECM and CRM systems. Ascertia provides comprehensive support for ETSI XAdES, PAdES and CAdES signature standards and OASIS DSS and DSS-X protocols. These advanced digital signatures and protocols can be used to sign any type of document, including PDF, XML, Word, Excel, HTML, and others. These signatures provide strong evidence as to who signed a document and when. They immediately reveal if the document has been modified since signing and reveal whether the signer’s credentials were considered valid at the time of signing.

With PDF documents playing an increasingly significant part of any e-business process, our PDF signing applications offer enhanced flexibility and substantial cost savings over other traditional products. Countersigning functionality can be used to automate any business workflow sequence from internal approvals, invoice signing, contract approval, government submissions, receipt or policy issuance, etc.

Internal and External Identity Assurance

Our trust infrastructure solutions provide a full range of web-based services including end-user registration, electronic identity (eID) issuance, real-time eID validation, time-stamping and secure archiving services. Certificates issued by multiple other technology or service providers can be used in our digital signature solutions and other standards-based applications. These comprehensive solutions for identity assurance can be used and re-used in a number of ways – from Windows logon to intranet or extranet authentication, email, document, or transaction based digital signatures and also web-based sign-off, approval and authorisation. ADSS Server is designed to offer high availability and scalability and meet the CWA 14167-1 requirements for trustworthy systems.

How we work?

Our products can be easily enhanced to create real-world solutions that meet today’s business needs. Ascertia regularly provides product enhancement, tailoring, integration services and even re-branding options. Our consultants are experienced in understanding business needs and the application of trust services. They can provide online or onsite assistance throughout a project lifecycle from initial conception, to requirements definition, trust documentation, testing and deployment. Ascertia assists and enables our global partners to provide these services locally.


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