Astaro Command Center


Free Central Monitoring, Reporting, and Configuration for your Astaro Devices.


Astaro Command Center

The Astaro Command Center has many powerful and diverse features, and is especially useful if you are responsible for more than one Astaro installation. Using ACC, you can:


  • See all your installations on the enhanced Worldmap; view where they are located in the world and how they are currently performing.
  • Easily Access any Device: Login once to the Astaro Command Center and then login to the GUI of a connected device with a click; stop keeping installation logins on sticky notes!
  • Global Objects: Define Networks, Services, and other resources centrally and then use them throughout configurations across some or all installations.
  • Detailed Reporting for any Connected Device: Know instantly how a device is operating or if it has a problem, and run reports on bandwidth, surfing activity, and over 20 other reports.
  • Generate Reports for Combined Devices: Using aggregated reporting, you can get data across any combination of your installations in seconds. For example, you can see what the top-surfed sites are for the entire company or at just two branches.
  • Handle Multiple Users across Multiple Companies: Using powerful Organizational Units, you can manage combinations of administrators and users for one or multiple companies, along with controlling the devices they are allowed to access.
  • Central Configuration: Create and Deploy configuration for Firewall Rules and Web Security Profiles, directly from within ACC, using them to totally replace the local management or add to the existing security policy.


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