Astaro Mail Security


Stop viruses and junk mail from clogging your server


Astaro Mail Security

Astaro Mail Security ensures that the abuse which email is subjected to, such as spam, viruses and privacy issues, do not affect your daily business routines. Through this application, real messages are properly delivered and employees can find what they need without being exposed to damaging content. Take a deeper look at the extensive range of features provided by this security application.

  • Using Astaro’s Mail Filtering, all of the spam and other unwanted email can be stopped before it gets delivered and clutters up mailboxes. A single Astaro can scan millions of messages per day for multiple domains, reducing employee confusion and frustration, and allowing them to work more efficiently.
  • Deflect damaging and malicious content at the gateway using dual, individual virus engines that operate in parallel. This allows content to be scanned and blocked before it has a chance to enter the network
  • Emails are far from private. Anyone between the sender and the receiver can intercept, read, and even copy or alter the contents. Astaro Email Encryption packs, your messages secure and stamps them with a tamper-proof seal.
  • he Astaro UserPortal is a self-management hub where employees can work with their email messages and previously configured remote access technologies without the help of an Administrator.


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