Manage Big Data in the Cloud



EMC Atmos is an object-based cloud storage platform to store, archive and access unstructured content at scale. Atmos provides the essential building blocks for enterprises and service providers to transform to private, hybrid, and public cloud storage.


Features include:


  • SINGLE SYSTEM – Efficiently store, manage, and aggregate distributed big data across locations through a single pane of glass. Gain a common view and central management.
  • SEAMLESS SCALABILITY – Add capacity, applications, locations or tenants to your cloud with zero need to develop or reconfigure. Reduce administration time and ensure availability.
  • VALUE-BASED AUTOMATION – Use customizable metadata to apply “set it and forget it” policies to automate data placement and lifecycle, protection methods, and efficiency. Gain support for managing big data at scale.
  • EASY STORAGE ACCESS – Provide flexible access across networks and platforms for traditional applications, web applications, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and mobile devices. Allow users and applications instant access to data from any device.
  • STORAGE-AS-A-SERVICE – Allow enterprises and service providers to meter capacity, bandwidth, and usage across tenants. Enable users to self-manage and access storage.


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