Avactis Shopping Cart

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A new-generation online store software.


Avactis Shopping Cart

If you are a businessman looking to set up your online store or setting up a e-shop to your matt business, you are at the correct place. Avactis is an ecommerce-shopping cart that can help you set up your e-shop within the shortest time frame you can imagine.


Avactis offers the rare combination of cutting edge designs and usage of state of the art technology . It has a great layout and its visual CSS editor allows you to easily change the store design to suit your taste and needs. To top it all, the overall solution is easy to implement and comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are just starting off and are looking at a full hosted solution with a low cost, you can choose amongst our hosted plans. To get a white label product, you can choose our high-end plan.


And all this comes bundled with professional support for all Avactis editions, including owned and hosted versions. This makes Avactis one of the most popular and the best e-commerce shopping cart software.
Key Avactis Features:


  • Easy & Powerful Storefront Customization. Avactis Shopping Cart allows you quick and easy storefront customization to create just the right design for your web site.
  • Simple Integration with Existing Web Site. Avactis online store can be easily integrated into an existing website without any need for any programming skills.
  • Easy-to-understand, web-based Installation Wizard.
  • 50+ Payment methods, Real Time Shipping Methods. Avactis ecommerce software supports 50+ payment systems, including PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Moneybookers and others.


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