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BambooHR is an online HR management system. In 2008, we set out to build the best HR software in the world for small to medium businesses. We think companies deserve great HR software—software that makes life easier, not harder. We think we’re on the right track and so do our customers.


We want our customers to smile, knowing they are more efficient than ever before. We want them to feel inspired, because they’re freed from the tyranny of paperwork and tedium of spreadsheets. We want them to feel their job was re-invented because they’re able to focus on hiring and retaining great employees and creating a positive work environment. After all, everything is really about the people, not the paperwork.


But this is only part of the story.


We’re a group of hard-working and fun-loving people who are passionate about building great web-based software. Members of our team have worked for small successful companies, as well as publicly-held giants like Disney, Intuit, Intel, Novell, Omniture (an Adobe company), and HP. We’re working hard to create tools that make our customers’ lives better and their days brighter. Our secret master plan is to get our customers to smile every time they use our system.



  • Your HR software should be simple, yet powerful. Anyone should be able to use it to get their job done, no matter what level of experience they have.
  • Your HR software should save you time. And more time means you can go to lunch when normal people eat lunch, not at 3pm because you were too busy putting out fires.
  • Your system should scale to fit any size business because it is flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of large and small companies.
  • Your data should be safe, secure, and accessible to you whenever you want it.
  • You should never have to worry about the IT headaches that come with security and ongoing maintenance.

Okay, So Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is almost magical. This remarkable plant has many characteristics that match our business and philosophy as we’ve built our software. It’s flexible, beautiful, and strong. It’s also highly efficient and extremely versatile. It’s essential to our world.


Here are some fun bamboo facts (from The Book of Bamboo, of course):

  • Bamboo grows more rapidly than any other plant on the planet. It has been clocked surging skyward as fast as 47.6 inches in a 24-hour period.
  • Bamboo fibers provided Edison, after fruitless experiment with other materials, with a successful filament in the first light bulb.
  • Bamboo has astonishing vitality, great versatility, lightweight strength and striking beauty in both natural and finished states.
  • The range of the uses of bamboo is perhaps unequaled by any other resource.
  • There are 1,200-1,500 species of bamboo that are native to every continent but Europe and the poles.


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