Free online remote support, desktop sharing and remote access cloud software.



BeAnywhere is a company specialized in cloud-based solutions, with leading products in the remote access, remote support, data security and data leak prevention markets, targeting companies and home users.


Our objective is to provide innovative software-as-a-service solutions, based on easy to manage, exclusive technology, that can be used by organizations of any dimension. Founded in 1996, BeAnywhere has offices in three continents and data centers in Europe, Asia and the United States. Our international sales, development and support teams work around the clock, 24 hours a day, to provide our customers with simple, complete and secure solutions, which assure the maximum return on investment.



  • It works, from anywhere, in any scenario! Stop worrying about firewalls or port configurations.


  • Communications fully encrypted, a resilient P2P protocol and routing servers around the world.


  • One of the fastest protocols in the industry! Almost 95% of connections use adaptable P2P technology.


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