Online Project Management Application & collaboration.



Binfire.com was founded in 2008 to bring innovative and affordable online collaboration and project management tools to professionals and small businesses. Our goal is to make it possible for teams to collaborate wherever they are, whenever they want and using any device they have. We not only provide online contact management tools, but we offer virtual project rooms, your project office in the cloud!


Binfire’s collaboration tools are dedicated to creating multiple communication, sharing and interactivity opportunities between users to enhance productivity. They keep you up to date and in the loop. For a project to succeed, teamwork and collaboration is a must. Binfire provides all the tools needed by your team to communicate, brainstorm and collaborate. As a project manager you get the tools you need to create a project, assign a team to each project, give permissions to each member, plan & track and deliver your project on time. Your team gets the tools they need to collaborate, communicate and finish the project.


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