The most advanced and easy-to-use data protection service.



Information, in its electronic form, is our most vulnerable and valuable asset.  To address this growing concern, NATION Technologies has released the most advanced and easy-to-use data protection service: BIOWRAP®.  Utilizing proven encryption technology and leveraging the advantages of the cloud, the patented BIOWRAP solution eliminates the complexities of traditional encryption.



Individual consumers and companies of all sizes can now easily certify, encrypt, track and control all of their digital information for protection at all times.  Cloud service providers can also leverage the benefits of data-centric protection with our integration for transparent encryption.  BIOWRAP encrypted files are always protected (at rest and in motion) and only those that meet security requirements (set based on the sensitivity of the information) can access the file.  For increased visibility and audit protection, all file activity (including unauthorized attempts) is automatically tracked and recorded in an enterprise grade Accountability Report.



BIOWRAP is uniquely flexible, scalable, easy-to-use and simple to integrate into your business. BIOWRAP is available as downloadable applications, secure browser and transparent integration with any application or process.


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