Internet service to generate Buzz and Traffic from Blogs.



Make money from advertising and generate ad income from your Blog! Our Advertisers want YOU to advertise and drive traffic to their websites products and services on your blogs and journals. They want the publicity, the traffic, the word of mouth Buzz! that online bloggers and internet journals can generate for their web site products and services. In exchange Blogsvertise pays YOU in paypal for blog ads placed to their website on your blog!


How Does it work?
Guest posting can help you increase traffic, buzz, brand awareness and promote your product or service online to thousands of readers. This type of viral word of mouth advertising on social media sites on blogs, facebook, and twitter can help a company increase clicks to their websites to drive conversions and sales. It is one of the most effective ways currently to build your company’s sources of traffic, increase newsletter signups, and more. Bloggers sign up to our service and agree to accept guest articles on their blog for a nominal fee for the time that is involved in posting your article.


Blogsvertise introduced this service several years ago and have been updating it and fine tuning it ever since. Advertisers love the ability to have their information presented to blog readers in their own words and formatting. Quite simply put this service allows you to select high traffic quality blogs in your niche or theme and have your informative article posted to their blog in a clearly labeled ftc compliant manner. The information you upload must be related to the blog. Guest posting is similar to press releases being placed by you on individual blogs that are related to your field or expertise.


What types of blogs are available?
We offer over 100,000 bloggers in our inventory consisting of mommy bloggers, sports, travel, insurance, making money online, students, family oriented bloggers.


What type of ads can I post?
Within the ads you can offer: dofollow or nofollow ads. Please note all advertisers can place traffic only, “nofollow ads” when placing you order just select the nofollow option. There is no additional cost for nofollow ads that are for traffic purposes only. When you compose the guest post that the blogger will place, simply make sure all of your links are nofollow. You can post other types of advertisements within the ad such as banners and advertising videos as well.


Do these need to be labeled?
Yes. Any/all ads added as articles must be clearly labeled and disclosed properly. Simply thanking the blogger for allowing the opportunity to help support their blog should suffice or having a advertising banner with the word “advertisement” should suffice.


Who is this Suitable for?
Any advertising agency or website that is looking to reach out to bloggers and have product placements made by them to their readers. We work with interactive agencies, top brands, and digitial marketing companies who need to have bloggers promote their products and services


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