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Bookeo Appointments

We are a team of IT veterans dedicated to providing the most advanced online booking system and business scheduling platform for a wide range of businesses and educational institutions. Launched to the public in 2010, Bookeo has now customers in 50 countries.


Back in 2007, one of us went to an appointment with his optometrist, only to find out that the optometrist had no trace of the appointment in his schedule. This was hardly surprising, since the schedule consisted in a mangled diary, with scribbles, names, phone numbers everywhere.


Many small businesses, unfortunately, are still run that way.


Out of this frustrating experience, Bookeo’s online appointment scheduling software was born. A better way.


We believe in efficiency, so we have created a tool to make small businesses more efficient in managing their bookings and appointments. Efficient businesses spend less time on tedious tasks, and have more time to grow revenues. It’s worth it. There are many ways of conducting a business, but for us the only way is to work hard over every detail. We take no shortcuts, listen carefully to our customers, and deliver a product that feels simple and effortless, exactly because we put a great effort behind it.


We also keep an industry news blog where we track news and tips specific to the online booking world.


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