Boomi AtomSphere by Dell


The #1 Integration Cloud


Boomi AtomSphere by Dell

Dell Boomi, a business unit of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL), is the first and only integration solution built in the cloud, to fully exploit the value of the cloud. Organizations of all sizes—from small businesses to the largest global enterprises—trust Dell Boomi to quickly connect any combination of cloud and on-premise applications. Leading SaaS players and enterprise customers such as salesforce.com,  rely on Dell Boomi to accelerate time to market, increase sales, and eliminate the headaches associated with integration.


Boomi AtomSphere® allows you to connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS, or On-Premise applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding.


As a first step towards accomplishing that mission, Boomi initially introduced “configuration-based” integration to the market which eliminated the cost and complexity of writing code. A few years later the company improved upon this innovation by introducing its Visual Integration Technology™ where users could build and deploy integration processes visually using a design “canvas” with familiar point and click, drag and drop techniques.


In 2007, Boomi fundamentally changed the integration industry once again with the announcement of its on-demand integration technology today known as “AtomSphere®,” the industry’s first and leading Integration Cloud™. Built using pure SaaS technology, Atomsphere connects any combination of SaaS, cloud and on-premise applications without the burden of installing and maintaining integration software or appliances.


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