BPMonline CRM


Add ACTION to your sales, marketing & service performance.


BPMonline CRM

BPMonline CRM is a comprehensive online CRM system based on the BPMonline platform which inherits all the business process management features that the platform provides.


The solution is based on the most advanced process modeling standard – BPMN. We designed BPMonline CRM to help businesses of any size automate sales, marketing and service processes.
BPMonline CRM – the cutting-edge solution that combines all the features of contact manager software, sales CRM software, services management software and business process management system dramatically improves manageability by:


  • • Providing a complete business process management cycle
  • • Managing customer database
  • • Organizing marketing activities
  • • Automating document processing
  • • Supervising of employees time usage
  • • Analyzing business results


The basis of the BPMonline CRM system is a platform with cutting edge service oriented architecture (SOA) that enables your IT staff to extend the solution with new features as needed.



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