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Bright Solid Hosting

brightsolid specialises in the cloud delivery of business critical applications. Since 1995 we’ve been helping companies increase their agility and reduce the risk of their IT solutions.


Today we host secure and reliable cloud environments in our Tier 3+ Data Centre’s for some of the country’s most successful enterprises, innovative startups and forward thinking government departments while focus on delivering on our mission of “Technical Innovation with Personal Service”.


Founded in 1995 brightsolid is one of the UK’s pioneering internet companies and a leading online technology and publishing business.  We provide innovative online solutions to our customers, whether that is a FTSE100 company requiring absolute reliability and performance in their IT infrastructure or a consumer researching their family history from the comfort of their home.


brightsolid growth plans for the future rely on us continuing to help our customers benefit from innovative online solutions. Today our brand is recognised as vibrant, on-line and innovative, tomorrow it will remain the same but become global as we expand our existing overseas operations in Europe and Asia Pacific. At the heart of our on-going success is our clear mission. We are a “family” business in the truest sense, in that we have defined and shared common values that our teams abide by focussed on sharing knowledge and surpassing the expectations of our customers.


Our two main operating businesses are:


  • online publishing
  • online technology


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