A flexible and adaptable online project management system.



Brix is a flexible and adaptable online project management system to meet all your needs.


Key Features include:


  • Collaborate with the Team across Projects and Tasks all in an online environment no matter where they are.
  • Project Reporting that you can customize and filter based on what you need.
  • Track your online projects velocity, by Team Member, by Status, and Red flags for tasks that are overdue. Run your projects the way you want to

BrixHQ is a bootstrapped micro ISV committed to delivering agile project management solutions to business to make them more efficient and effective! BrixHQ is the result of this. We believe in openness and transparency and will share our successes and failures as we grow our business. BrixHQ was founded in 2010 by Pete and Scott and we’ve been working flat out since then to develop and deliver the best quality online project management software that we can and will continue to do this into the future.


How’d we get to where we are?


Conceptually Brix started out as going to take on IBM Rational RUP in all it’s complexity, after discussions, conversations and research it was decided that building a bloated competitor to Rational RUP was unrealistic, dated and not what the market needed or where it was going.  Time to redefine what Brix is and cut ruthlessly.  Thankfully by the time we started coding we had the scope refined to be an online Project Management solution and we’ve tried to incorporate features that we believe the market will want and need to either adopt agile or if they’ve already adopted agile to make them more efficient.  Hence BrixHQ the online project management system was born.


Why choose us?


  • We are committed and focused on building the best online project management  tools that make you more effective and efficient in your business and have real measurable results.
  • We’re keeping our costs low and manageable meaning we can provide you with a more cost effective solutions whilst not compromising on quality or features.
  • Technology for now and for the future – we’ve chosen Ruby and Ruby on Rail framework as the core of our product, we’ve also picked best of breed components.
  • We know how to build quality web and software applications and have the experience to deliver a great customer experience for all users.
  • We believe in openness and transparency, so we will aim to share as much as we can around our successes and failures.
  • We’re in this for the long haul and on this basis we are building a sustainable business that will be around for a long time.
  • We want to give something back to those who have less resources and trying to make the world a better place without commercial gain, so Brix is free for Not for Profits and Charities.



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