Bunker App


Project Management and Invoicing Software for freelancers


Bunker App

Bunker helps you with all your freelancing tasks:

Manage your projects easily – Create simple and intuitive task lists in seconds. Assign your projects to specific client’s profile. Set delivery dates for the things you have to do and be noticed in a friendly way when they are overdue. It’s like having a project manager watching you, minus the hassle.

Create stylish invoices in a few clicks – Every freelancer knows that creating invoices is both long and boring. That’s why Bunker lets you generate invoices for your projects instantly. Every invoice has a unique URL that you can send to your client by email. It’s never been easier to get paid!

Organize your workflow, once and for all – With Bunker, it’s super easy to keep track of everything you do. All your completed tasks and projects will be logged and kept forever. Your hard drive exploded and you lost all the invoices you sent this year? Well we can’t do anything about that… but that would never have happened if you had a Bunker account. We keep your invoices safe. Forever.

Nothing to install – Bunker App uses a globally recognized cloud infrastructure provider (Amazon). The benefits of a cloud infrastructure for your businesses include; redundancy and backup of your data, web-based interface, new update are automatically applied. We currently have a 3-6-day schedule for new update. New features, fixes and improvements are added quickly.


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