CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance


The All-in-One Web Security Gateway


CacheGuard Web Gateway Appliance

CacheGuard is an integrated solution specially designed to manage Web traffic. The result is a powerful turn-key solution that allows you to protect and optimize Web traffic traversing your Web infrastructure.


Available in 3 forms: CacheGuard is available in three forms: A Hardware appliance, an Operating System (OS) and a Virtual Appliance. CacheGuard OS transforms an x86 based machine into a powerful Secure Web Gateway Appliance.


If you depend on the Internet to do business, no matter the size of your company, you need protection. You need to keep out the viruses, save bandwidth for your business, protect your proprietary information by preventing external hacking attempts, increase and maintain productivity of your workers by limiting access to social networking or other undesirable or time wasting sites and control/deny access to the Internet to specific populations and much more. CacheGuard Web Gateway offers all of these features in an innovative All-in-One solution that puts security at the forefront, stopping threats before they can enter you networks


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