Web based CRM software for small to mid-sized businesses.



At CampaignerCRM™, a j2® Global company, we’re passionate about providing you with powerful CRM software that makes your sales process more efficient and gets you sales, revenue and customer results. We know that even the best sales people excel when they can focus on what they do best instead of being tied up generating forecasts, reports or entering data.


That’s why we built CampaignerCRM. We put in all of the powerful features and functionality that make a sales team successful. Now your sales team can be free to focus on what it takes to make the sale. Your sales managers and executives automatically have accurate sales forecasting and the CRM reporting they need to stay up to speed on what’s going on in their sales pipeline. Most importantly, we made it all secure and easy-to-use with three solutions to help you manage your sales process.


Unlike traditional CRM or Sales Force Automation (SFA) offerings that focus on data capture and tracking, CampaignerCRM gives sales teams the powerful sales insight and systems to help move more deals, faster, through the pipeline. CampaignerCRM effectively combines sales process software, Web 2.0 sales productivity tools, and our exclusive, live Personal Sales Assistants into an easy-to-use solution that your salespeople will want to use.


CampaignerCRM gives your team a clear, well-defined sales flow that identifies the necessary benchmarks and activities at every stage in the sales cycle. You have access to all of the key selling tools, documents, and job aids at your fingertips at the right stage of the process to effectively maximize the sales engagement. Our Pulse CRM Dashboard delivers real-time, easy to understand, reporting on sales activity and sales effectiveness giving you a clear view of your pipeline and letting you accurately predict trends and manage opportunities. Most importantly, CampaignerCRM’s live Personal Sales Assistants are ready to take over your often time-consuming administrative, reporting, and data-entry work to let your team focus on what they do best – sell.


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