Cascade by Conifer


Faster, Smarter Software Development.


Cascade by Conifer

Your software developers’ time is valuable.  Don’t let that time slip away. Cascade accelerates the develop-build-test cycle, allowing your developers to begin productive work immediately at the start of each day. Cascade is completely free for personal use.


With Cascade, you and your developers can:

  • “Clone” a pre-built, pre-tested tree in just two clicks using Cascade
  • Prevent broken builds and regression tests, rather than just detecting them after the fact. 
  • Set up a pre-built, pre-tested tree in seconds and start writing code or debugging.  No more waiting to “check out” a tree or for a build!
  • Access your source control repository faster,especially from remote offices, with Cascade’s unique caching technology and proxy server.
  • Parallelize builds and tests on a cluster of PCs.


Don’t waste more time on broken builds and regression tests and other “thrashing” — your time is more valuable than that.


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