Caspio Cloud Database for Business Users


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Caspio Cloud Database for Business Users

To be efficient in anything, you need the right tool for the job. Tech-savvy business professionals who work with data or websites can become enormously more effective with Caspio, an online database specifically designed for business users that doesn’t sacrifice on power, security or flexibility.



The Caspio Bridge online database is a proven productivity solution for both business users and IT staff. It provides virtually all the capabilities that you would expect from a top-tier database, but without any of the complexities. The complex concepts and processes are abstracted so all you need to do is to log into your online database and use it as if it was installed on your own computer.



If you have ever worked with Microsoft Excel or Access, you will find yourself comfortable with Caspio. Data from Excel, Access and many other file formats can be imported into Caspio with a few clicks and it’s just as easy to export data.



The real power of Caspio’s online database is the wizards that allow non-developers to create web forms, reports and apps without coding and embed them on any website.



Caspio Online Database



SQL Server Database Reliability & Scalability



Caspio utilizes Microsoft SQL Server in the backend for the highest level of performance and adherence to standards. Up to two million records per table are supported. It supports all major data types and many special ones such as files and encrypted passwords. The intuitive user interface makes accessing this powerful database straight-forward even for those without prior database experience.

Cloud computing with Caspio is simple, reliable and cost-effective. More importantly, it doesn’t require expensive IT resources or maintenance so you can easily manage your short-term and long-term costs.


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