Catalogue Manager


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Catalogue Manager

With today’s focus on cost-cutting, all organistions are having to look for savings wherever possible. The administration-intensive process of processing and fulfilling orders makes it a prime candidate. As online shopping becomes the norm, E-commerce ‘store fronts’ are able to automate many manual processes, saving time and effort, risk of errors, and costs.


E-commerce software can now manage not just ‘commodity’ products like books and holidays, but more specialist product types too. Marketingunity Catalogue Manager covers virtually any type of product, including those with many variable characteristics, like PCs, and even printed products with user-variable content. Any complexity of these ‘variable data’ print products can be managed, from simple business cards and posters, through to multi-page, personalised product brochures.


In either case, Marketingunity Catalogue Manager maintains brand control, whilst allowing users to personalise marketing communication to their intended recipients, right down to an ‘audience of one’. This technique is recognised to result in dramatically-enhanced response to marketing campaigns.


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