• ViewTrend by Log Analyzer

    ViewTrend by Log Analyzer

    Log Analyzer: Trends is a website statistics software to track changes in the major web site parameters. Useful tool for monitoring and optimizing websites, based on Apache and IIS web servers.

  • DataSwell


    DataSwell aggregates 1000's of travel industry financial and operating datasets so our users don't waste time searching for data

  • Vertica Analytic Database

    Vertica Analytic Database

    Vertica Analytic Database is a DBMS enabled to manage terabytes of data very fast and reliably.

  • Gooddata


    Good Data brings businesses closer to data and analysis through a secure online space where teams can access, share and collaborate on the data that drives their business.

  • Jigsaw Clean

    Jigsaw Clean

    Jigsaw flags dead (graveyard) records for deletion and duplicate contacts for consolidation

  • Cloudscale Realtime Apps

    Cloudscale Realtime Apps

    Cloudscale brings cloud computing and realtime analytics to everyone - unleashing creativity and "turning realtime data into action" everywhere.

  • Quantivo Behavioral Analytics

    Quantivo Behavioral Analytics

    Aggregate Knowledge Acquires Quantivo to Accelerate Platform Innovation

  • CloudBank


    Ventraq provides large-scale data integration, business analytics and personalization solutions for communication service providers (CSPs)

  • IDAP


    IDAP enables organizations to take large amounts of network and application data and present it in a way that is both useful and meaningful.

  • SimpleFeedback


    SimpleFeedback is SaaS feedback management system that provides a service for websites, WordPress blogs, and iOS (iPhone) apps to collect customer feedback.

  • Quote Sentinel

    Quote Sentinel

    Quote Sentinel is a web based stock monitoring application that watches your stocks and notifies you whenever your stocks trade to critical prices.

  • Agile Reporting Services

    Agile Reporting Services

    Agile Reporting Services brings to business users the power of Agility. Being completely integrated with the Agile Platform, it allows for fast design of reports and charts, and fast change as well.