• Response Tap

    Response Tap

    ResponseTap provides a range of comprehensive visitor level call tracking and call analytics for businesses, agencies and the affiliate market.

  • Demandbase Stream

    Demandbase Stream

    The Demandbase Stream works like a news ticker to stream business website traffic across your desktop and allows you to see what companies visit your website.

  • Unanimis


    For advertisers, Unanimis identifies and targets relevant audience segments to help maximise ROI and meet their marketing objectives. For publishers, Unanimis monetizes their advertising inventory to maximise site revenue from their audience.

  • Qvinci


    Qvinci is an advanced web application that aggregates QuickBooks company files and provides meaningful side by side and aggregate reporting for your businesses.

  • PureShare ActiveMetrics

    PureShare ActiveMetrics

    PureShare® ActiveMetrics® performance metrics software is a day-to-day management tool that eliminates the need for managing and generating manual reports by providing direct access to performance metrics, business metrics and reporting metrics.

  • A3 Modeling

    A3 Modeling

    A3 Modeling enables the full spectrum of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) - Enterprise Budgeting, Rolling Forecasting, Management Reporting, Multi-entity Consolidations, Dashboards and Adhoc Analysis - all under a single unified technology

  • RedEye


    RedEye is a conversion rate optimisation specialist with practical, in-house expertise in usability, web analytics, behavioural email, user experience design and AB/multivariate testing.

  • BST Enterprise Performance Portals

    BST Enterprise Performance Portals

    BST delivers prioritized and urgent project, resource and financial information through Performance Portals, Analytics Solutions and Integrated Business Processing.

  • Pulse Point

    Pulse Point

    Poised at the intersection of audience and content, PulsePoint helps agencies and marketers target and serve relevant ad placements across screens – from display and video to social and mobile.

  • In2Clouds Predictive Sales Analytics

    In2Clouds Predictive Sales Analytics

    In2Clouds Predictive Sales Analytics helps brands develop social insights to act on in customer and prospect channels.

  • Data Replication Service

    Data Replication Service

    Informatica Cloud Data Replication provides a simple, intuitive way to replicate application data ‐ either for backup and compliance or to load into on–premise reporting and analytics systems inside your firewall ‐ all through an intuitive web-based interface.

  • Unwired Planet

    Unwired Planet

    Unwired Planet builds moble applications, many of which are considered foundational to mobile communications, and span smart devices, cloud technologies and unified messaging