• Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

    Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator Suite

    Cloud9 Pipeline Accelerator, a core component of the Cloud9 Intelligent Forecasting Suite, is purpose-built to give you the actionable information about your pipeline that you need to deliver on your forecast/

  • Watershed Strategy Execution

    Watershed Strategy Execution

    Having Watershed at your company is like having a fully capable Strategy Department. We work with managers individually to monitor strategy, analyze processes, identify changes in business opportunities and threats, then react quickly by making data driven decisions.

  • Cost-to-Server Planner

    Cost-to-Server Planner

    River Logic's Cost-to-Server Planner enables you to track, monitor, and forecast the operational and financial impact of on-boarding and serving a customer, including order behavior, freight, warehousing, and cost of logistics.

  • Yurbi


    Yurbi makes it easy to measure, monitor, communicate, and most importantly improve your service management success.

  • Net-Results Marketing Automation

    Net-Results Marketing Automation

    Net-Results delivers a real-time lead management solution for organizations and provides deeper data analysis than any other solution.

  • OrgView Organization Charts

    OrgView Organization Charts

    OrgView is an extremely powerful, easy-to-use graphical tool for navigating through account, contact, and user hierarchies in salesforce.com

  • BoldChat


    Powerful live chat software with fully customizable chat windows and buttons.

  • ARC Merchandise Analytics

    ARC Merchandise Analytics

    Merchandising analytics can help optimise merchandise and assortment performance, track new product performance, optimize markdowns and promotions and improve price realisation.

  • Kampyle Feedback Analytics

    Kampyle Feedback Analytics

    The smart, integrated system based on user feedback helps you reduce customer attrition, increase conversion rates and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • FORGE- Blacksmith

    FORGE- Blacksmith

    We take inefficient business processes and shape those into useful tools for streamlining business, managing contracts, controlling trade spending, gaining business intelligence, and growing your business profitably.

  • AquaCRM Software

    AquaCRM Software

    AquaCRM empowers organizations with a complete customer relationship lifecycle management solution for managing organization-wide Sales, Marketing, Customer Support & Service and Inventory Management in a single business system.

  • WhosOn


    WhosOn is an all-in-one software solution for: Live Web Statistics, Live Visitor Chat, Proactive Visitor Engaging, Prospect Detection, Live Web Analytics, Real Time Support Ticketing & More.