• Oracle VDI Solutions

    Oracle VDI Solutions

    Manage, deploy, and provide users with access to server-hosted desktop operating systems on nearly any client device, nearly anywhere in the world.

  • Sironta


    Sironta is a Real Time Project Management Tool that connects two or more users without making any network changes to share files of any type and any size from anywhere in the world.

  • email2 Security Platform

    email2 Security Platform

    email2 Security Platform provides seamless integration with an organization’s existing email programs and mobile phones such as Outlook® and Exchange®, Blackberry®, iPhone®, as well as external or Guest User’s individual personal email programs such as Gmail® or Yahoo Mail®.

  • Private Cloud Application Hosting

    Private Cloud Application Hosting

    PayPerCloud's Private Cloud solution is an all inclusive solution which includes provision, setup, perpetual licensing, monitoring and complete management of the cluster thereby guaranteeing enhanced security, improved back-up options, experienced technical support for maintenance, brand-new name-brand equipment, and zero downtime.

  • Google Authentication Appliance

    Google Authentication Appliance

    SecureAuth’s authentication product makes Google Apps an extremely secure extension of your enterprise IT environment.

  • AppliDis Fusion 4

    AppliDis Fusion 4

    Systancia's AppliDis Fusion 4 brings a new approach to the market, offering a quick and easy way to publish and virtualise applications and desktops using a simple web based console.

  • DeskCenter USA Inc. IT Management Suite

    DeskCenter USA Inc. IT Management Suite

    DeskCenter Management Suite was developed to guarantee the seamless integration of all modules available; All functions are available from one console with a consistent user interface and structure.

  • Spotlight


    Illumix Spotlight is a hardware appliance designed to be deployed into corporate networks to create a vantage point for IT asset discovery and data collection.

  • HiveDesk


    HiveDesk provides anyone with remote workers a platform that makes it easier manage the outsourcing process.

  • Hosted FTP Cloud File Sharing

    Hosted FTP Cloud File Sharing

    Now you can get more from FTP. Our service is 100% Cloud.