• iWeb FTP

    iWeb FTP

    iWeb provides cutting edge file sharing service solutions that utilise the latest technology and trends

  • Ember Opportunity System

    Ember Opportunity System

    EOS is an online application that helps your organization track new opportunities, manage current proposal efforts, and share content easily and efficiently.

  • FileSociety


    FileSociety™ is a revolutionary web application that allows users to manage and transfer large files of any kind at blazing speeds anywhere around the globe.

  • Jungle Disk Desktop Edition

    Jungle Disk Desktop Edition

    Jungle Disk® Desktop Edition enables you to securely backup, sync, and access your valuable files across all your computers and stay in control of your data with our easy-to-use tools, automatic backup and unlimited storage.

  • Mezeo SaaS Cloud Storage Solution

    Mezeo SaaS Cloud Storage Solution

    Cloud storage enabled by Mezeo offers significant flexibility and scalability. Web Services and APIs simplify the integration of applications and provide advanced capabilities, including file store and retrieval, file sharing and collaboration, hierarchical and tag-based organizational structures and native multi-device client access.

  • Mozy Online Backup

    Mozy Online Backup

    Mozy is the world’s most trusted online backup service for consumers and businesses.

  • Porticor Virtual Private Data

    Porticor Virtual Private Data

    VPD combines state of the art data encryption with patented homomorphic split-key management to offer the most secure, cost-effective solution for safeguarding data in the cloud.

  • hooeey webprint

    hooeey webprint

    hooeey webprint goes beyond links - It builds a personal library of browsed web pages on the user's computer automatically.

  • Soonr Workplace

    Soonr Workplace

    Our mission is to create a new way to do business faster, from any location, by connecting people, data and devices.

  • MyPC Backup

    MyPC Backup

    MyPCBackup uses a small desktop application to backup all of your computers to the cloud.

  • Cloudserve hosted Desktop

    Cloudserve hosted Desktop

    Hosted desktops are a secure, flexible, and maintenance free alternative to the traditional on-premise physcial PC & Server model.

  • ZipCloud


    Once you install ZipCloud, you just need to set it and forget it. Your files will sync silently in the background, without you having to do anything.