• PlanITpoker


    PlanITpoker is the fun way for teams to accurately estimate Agile projects

  • 4.ST - HelpServer

    4.ST - HelpServer

    With HelpServer authors can easily create documentation & help that is easy to update, reuse and share with their target audience. HelpServer makes it easy to manage content and files, and deliver product documentation and/or help. HelpServer is web-and server-based and enables authors to collaborate in real time and publish new content and changes to existing content to a front-end web portal and/or to single source content to files.

  • Twoodo


    Twoodo helps your team organize itself using simple #hashtags. Light as a feather. Easy to use. Saves you time.

  • Idealist Consulting

    Idealist Consulting

    Idealist Consulting is dedicated to providing businesses and nonprofits with advanced technical solutions that help them run more effectively.

  • Apttus


    Apttus delivers "software as a service" applications, allowing you to rapidly and simply deploy enterprise class applications.

  • Maxpanda SaaS

    Maxpanda SaaS

    From Property Managers and Directors of Facilities to Maintenance Coordinators and Trades People, Maxpanda Work Order Management Software is an essential maintenance productivity tool saving your entire organization 10-20% in annual operating costs.

  • AppDirect


    AppDirect offers a cloud service marketplace and management platform that enables companies to distribute web-based services. Our network of AppDirect-powered marketplaces allows businesses to find, buy, and manage the best applications the cloud has to offer.

  • Agathon Group

    Agathon Group

    Agathon Group is a technology studio specializing in cloud hosting and custom software solutions. We focus our deep knowledge and experience on solving your problems, so that you can focus on pursuing your vision.

  • Cordys


    Cordys Process Factory is the ultimate “Enterprise Mash-up Platform” that allows you to easily develop and use process-centric cloud applications to solve your business needs.

  • Apprenda


    Apprenda provides a foundational software layer and application run-time environment that abstracts away the complexities of building and delivering modern cloud applications.

  • HyperOffice


    Cloud Collaboration for Everyone

  • AtTask


    AtTask is the SaaS leader in project and work management solutions for enterprise departments.